Decay is A Womb Fred Grabosky Graphic Poster Print

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Grabosky describes his piece as, "Inspired by my fascination with Ophiocordyceps, an ant is depicted being helplessly taken over by this parasitic fungus. Different species attach to specific insects and make their way through the body, devouring it from the inside out. It assumes complete control of the victim’s brain and will make the insect move to a location, referred to as a "Killing Zone", where it can spore and feed off of its remains. I am creating a body of work depicting this process in not just insects, but animals and humans alike. Depression can be likened to a parasite in that it feeds off of your negative thoughts until there is nothing left."

Original Medium, Scratchboard

This *limited edition print features an ant enslaved by a mind controlling parasite. Offered in a bold black and white contrasting palette.

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