Fatal Beauty Fred Grabosky Giclee Print

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Grabosky described his inspiration for this piece by saying, "Quite simply, I enjoy arachnids and flowers. But looking deeper, black widows have appropriately adopted quite a morbid and iconic presence over decades. They represent danger and those who are left to mourning their deceased lovers.

Original Medium, Pen & Metallic Ink

Roses are charming and beautiful, delicate and ornate. They represent passion and love before death takes you. I wanted to comment on love being a double-edged sword. It can be charming and beautiful, but the death of that love is always close by. It is a delicate thing to manage at times and you're not always ready for how things will end."

This *limited edition print features a black widow spider crawling over a blooming rose. Offered in a striking black and gold ink on a crisp white background.

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  • Limited Edition
  • Restricted to a run of 50 pieces per size
  • *Museum Quality Giclée Print
    • Archival graded paper and inks
    • Print Permanence Rating of 150 years
    • Durable and smooth Somerset Museum Rag
    • 100% naturally coated cotton fiber material
    • Heavyweight paper, 300 GSM
  • Hand inspected prior to **shipping
  • **Shipping tube included in the purchase price
  • Printed in USA, paper made in UK
  • Made exclusively for Dark Art & Craft

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