Harpies in the Forest of Suicides Gustave Doré Giclée Print

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Date, 1855

"Bird-bodied, girl-faced things they are; abominable their droppings, their hands are talons, their faces haggard with hunger insatiable" -Virgil

This intricately layered piece is among the most macabre scenes recounted in Dante’s ‘Inferno’. Doré’s renderings have become so intertwined with our vision of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ that they have been published in over 200 different prints of the text. Doré’s vision seems so intuitive, that critics at the time speculated, "We are inclined to believe that the conception and the interpretation come from the same source, that Dante and Gustave Doré are communicating by occult and solemn conversations the secret of this Hell..."

This *limited edition print is Doré’s twisted landscape filled with harpies feasting on the flayed bark of bleeding trees. Plunged into the 7th circle of hell, Virgil and Dante come upon the gnarled Forest of Suicides, where the souls of the sinners are forever entombed in the harpy infested trees.

You can bring this **museum quality print home to roost alongside the other Gustave Doré pieces available in our store.


  • Limited Edition
  • Restricted to a run of 50 pieces per size
  • *Museum Quality Giclée Print
    • Archival graded paper and inks
    • Print Permanence Rating of 150 years
    • Durable and smooth Somerset Museum Rag
    • 100% naturally coated cotton fiber material
    • Heavyweight paper, 300 GSM
  • Hand inspected prior to **shipping
  • **Shipping tube included in the purchase price
  • Printed in USA, paper made in UK
  • Made exclusively for Dark Art & Craft

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