Abomination Imagery: The Art of Bahrull Marta

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Bahrull Marta Art

Bahrull Marta is a skilled digital and mixed media artist who creates work under the name Abomination Imagery. The Jakarta, Indonesia-based artist focuses on dark and horror themes that are layered in gritty textures. Inspired by the work of Dave McKean and Seth Siro Anton, Marta's creations have been utilized by many black and death metal groups which share a sinister appreciation for his murky and haunting pieces. Often Marta's work features digital flourishes and multiple layers of texture, traditional acrylic paint is also used in a similar organic manner.

For a full interview with the artist, visit heavymusicartwork.com/art-design-interviews/bahrull-marta.html and mandismag.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/featured-artist-bahrull-marta. All images via abominationimagery.com unless otherwise noted.

The Art of Abomination Imagery

Bahrull Marta Indonesian artist


Dark art from Indonesian


Cult of the Occult Art Bahrull Marta


Preach Barhull Marta


abomonation image

Self-Apocalypse XXI

Prophet Dark Artwork

Prophet, image via kdoutsiderart.com

Demon Figure Digital Art

Demon Figure

Creepy Dark Horseman Painting


Demon Skull Art


Dark Digital Painting Bahrull Marta


Untitled dark art painting


Church Dark Art


dark creepy painting digital


Escape dark art Indonesian painting


Bahrull Marta Indonesian Dark Artist


Centinex Doomsday Rituals Artwork  Doomsday Rituals

View more of Bahrull Marta's artwork and information at abominationimagery.com and on Instagram @bahrullmarta


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