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Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch Death and the Miser Wayfarer Triptych

Hieronymus Bosch Death and the Miser Wayfarer Triptych, Detail

Hieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter popular during his time and now considered one of the most notable representatives of Early Netherlandish painting. The Artist was at times called the “Devil’s Painter” for his grotesque depictions of fantasy and religious themes.

During Bosch's childhood, the Dutch city of Hertogenbosch burned to the ground in a catastrophic fire while Bosch observed intently. The 13 year old Bosch interpreted this terrifying destruction as a holy judgment for a corrupt mankind.

Bosch’s warped visual creations met with incredible acclaim during his life leading to many paid commissions. His uniquely dark and detailed artwork was often copied during his lifetime. In adulthood Bosch joined the Brotherhood of Our Lady, a staunch conservative religious group, which we can attribute some of his most striking heaven and hell subject matter.