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Four Emerging Dark Artists - January 2021

Posted by J Meyers on

chemical messiah dark art

2020... It seems to immediately bring emotion, memories and disappointment to the mind. If there is one thing that remains in times of plagues, war, and human failure it is artistic creation that reflects and challenges those situations. No matter how dark our current predicament human nature finds expression in Art. We've chosen to feature some contemporary Dark Artists this month that are addressing our times through their unique Art. We've included corresponding links for each Artist's portfolio - so please follow directly and support if possible. 


Horns, claws, cloaked figures, God with a bore hole in the head.. These are the subjects of Animvs_. Accompanying the macabre ink work Animvs_ adds text that evokes a sense of dread, nihilism or fear. An ominous evil pervades the Artists detailed mixed-media and hand-drawn pieces. There is no soft lullaby, happy endings and simple solutions in Animvs_ work but an endless black mirror created in ink.

you wont get what you want dark ink art

"You won't get what you want"

god dark art ink art


death created time to kill dark art

"Death Created Time..."

 Find additional work by the Artist on Instagram


2. Caroline Harrison

Caroline has been featured on Dark Art & Craft previously for her often grotesquely detailed yet beautiful ink drawings. Her pieces address the alienation, anxiety, and discomfort of our current world. Each work has a direct honesty with its reflection on the gruesome and frail nature of our human bodies - as they are ravaged by time, place and disease. You can read our interview with Caroline here Gloopy, Mutated and Grotesque: The Work of Caroline Harrison & This Week's Featured Contemporary Artist

Caroline harrison dark ink art

Like Bone Chimes. Ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper. 2020. Image via carolinedraws.com

dark art poster ink art caroline harrison

Can You Stop My Teeth From Breaking?. Ink on paper. 2019. *Available on Dark Art & Craft.

dark art by Caroline Harrison nyc artist

This Is A Hungry Country. This Is A Thirsty Country. Ink on illustration board. 2019. 

You can follow the Artist directly below


Instagram @carolinedraws 

3. Chemical Messiah

Heavily influenced by Albert Camus (The French philosopher and author of The Stranger and The Plague), Chemical Messiah (AKA Josh Dunlap) uses collage to form surreal and absurdist works. Combining religious imagery, pop-surrealism and absurd layouts - Chemical Messiah creates a world as insane as our current.

chemical messiah dark collage art

Chemical Baptism

chemical messiah

Cult Image via Chemical Messiah

Find the Artist below


 Website and Shop

4. Davide Rankore

Inspired by the films of Fulci, the concepts of death, and fear Davide Rankore, who hails from a small town in Northern Italy, creates bodies deformed and mutilated. His mixed-media painted works feature flesh covered in boils, blood and sliced cuts. Horrific as they seem Rankore's work is dramatic and filled with life, even if his humanoid creatures seem more bloody dead than alive. 

davide rankore dark art

The Plague

dark art by davide rankore dark artist




Find the Artist recent work on


Do you like Dark Art & Craft featuring contemporary Artists? Let us know who else we should be covering below!

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@ Dark Art & Craft, print collector and Graphic Artist from Ohio, US.



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