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Norot: The Dark Work of Robert W. Cook

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norot art

Norot is Robert W. Cook, an American occult Artist, musician, and architectural draughtsman by trade working in Cork, Ireland.

Cook creates detailed ink, blood, and mixed media works that explore the occult, dark, and mythic themes. Heavily detailed and embellished with script and symbol Cook's creations are dark visual masterworks. Please see some of our favorite pieces below and view the Artists work on full collection of works on https://www.norotart.com

the devil ink art

Image via bleaq.com/2013/robert-w-cook "Beelzebub"

"The Burning Aeon" 2014, Ink and watercolor on paper © Norot 2014

The Burning Aeon, image via behance.net/norot

norot blood dark art

2014 (Private Commission) Materials: Blood (Artists), Ink and watercolor on antiqued paper, image via norot-art.com

blood artist norot

Image via norot-art.com

Equinoctium is a small, semi-animated hand drawn conceptual piece by artist Robert Cook symbolizing the equinox and balance of opposing forces within nature. The artwork is made of of two separate pieces titled Elderblack & Eldergreen. The music is by Coffin for Mary which is the musical project of the artist Robert Cook. For more information please visit the official website of Norot Mythic Art norot-art.com and facebook.com/norotart

dark art temple

The Dreaming Abyss, image via norot-art.com

The Dreaming Maelstrom, image via behance.net/gallery/20479037/The-Dreaming-Maelstrom

dark occult art print

image via norot-art.com

occult book design

The Book of Smokeless Fire

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Babylon dark occult art

"Babalon" 2014 Ink and watercolor on paper. This is another piece that proceeded out of the 'Lilitu' work but with a firm asseveration of Scarlet Woman symbolism. Image via behance.net/gallery/15102903/Babalon

norot illustration



View more work from Norot on behance.net/norot and norot-art.com/about

Also view; Nephilim Press a purveyor of knowledge and information for the serious occult Scholar with Artwork by Robert W. Cook. 

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