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Upcoming Event: Cagliostro - A Haunted Exhibition

Posted by Stephanie Crumley on

cagliostro dark art show in detroit

Attention Midwest: something haunted your way comes February 2nd at the Rectory of Detroit, Michigan. 

This show is curated by one of our favorite artists, Brian Sheehan aka Legerdemain. The event is a multimedia fete of performance pieces, music, a seance, and the work of Michigan-based artists Calvin Waterman, Red Devil Made This and Legerdemain himself. 

The press release includes the description as follows: 

"On February 2nd, 50 years ago, Cagliostro, the great adventurer and occultist, transcended the physical plane. Leaving behind a legacy shrouded in rumor and superstition. In memoriam, his estate has been opened to the public and his collection made available.

Explore the rooms of this historic 19th century haunted house, transformed into a gallery space for one night only."

"Altar" by contributing artist Red Devil Made This

Artwork Caption: "Altar" by Red Devil Made This

We had the opportunity to ask Sheehan/Legerdemain a little more about the upcoming event, Detroit and the art community. 

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Detroit art community and your involvement? 

The Detroit art scene is thriving. There is a plethora of great artists residing and working in/around Detroit. I can't really speak to what makes it unique from other cities but I am grateful for the opportunities it presents.

I have had the opportunity on many occasions to collaborate with and take part in other artist's projects. Some of which being those of whom I look up to. Too many to name.

I am so honored to call a lot of creatives in the area my friends. For the most part, everyone wants to be a part of it with you. Visual art for me has always held the appeal of being something completely personal. Relying on one's self to manifest the body of work. Even so, it's more fulfilling to collaborate and include others in the work. Which in part explains the growing thirst for photography and the figurative elements.

Artwork caption: "Overwhelming Empathy" by Calvin Waterman 

This is your first event is it not? How is it being on the other side of the scope of an art show?

I have taken part in various group exhibitions here and across the country but this is my first time taking the helm. Originally planned as solo show, but as it evolved it became a collaborative affair. Everyone is bringing so much to the table that I couldn't imagine doing this any other way. Not that I didn't before but it truly makes you appreciate the people working to assemble, curate, host, etc. even more so.

Any other upcoming events or inspiration to do something like this again? 

Already dreaming about the next one but focusing on Cagliostro until it's complete. A book release will be happening sometime in the spring. Featuring many works from the show, and then some. More details on that down the road.
The two weekends following the exhibit will be my third time showing at The Dirty Show. Feb. 8th - 17th at The Russel Industrial Complex in Detroit. This is the 20th anniversary and always a great time. I have some other exhibitions and projects down the line but nothing I can disclose as of yet.

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Artwork caption: "Torsit" by Legerdemain

Tell us more about Cagliostro, the namesake of this show.  

Cagliostro was an Italian adventurer and magician. He became a glamorous figure associated with the royal courts of Europe where he pursued various occult arts, including psychic healing, alchemy, scrying and list of other attributes. Rumored to have taken part in The Affair of The Diamond Necklace and an onslaught of other heists. Never enough evidence to convict but often led to banishment. It is said that he searched for the answers of immortality. Whether it be of the physical body or other, we are hoping to discover the extent of his abilities.

Artwork Caption: "Anatomical Dreaming (Wisdom Canal)" by Calvin Waterman

What made you decide on this selection of artists. Can you tell us more about them as creators?

Nate and I work together and have been friends for years. He is a driven individual of many talents. When presented with the show concept he without hesitation signed on to collaborate. The work he will be showing at Cagliostro is sculpture based. Primarily his "Poetic Tombstones" and altars.

Calvin Waterman is a painter hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. Calvin and I met at an event on the grounds a couple years back. His work is exceptional and I'm proud to have him collaborate. Dark surrealism at it's most ethereal.

Kamil's (A Death Cinematic) music is solo guitar noise, sounds of sadness, drone, broken down apocalyptic melody. The perfect melancholic soundscape to create the mood we are working to set.

Artwork caption: "The Eidolons of Samhain" by Legerdemain 

You had us at haunted house when you told us about this event. Can you provide some of the tales of these haunted experiences?

The Rectory is old, built in 1891. The church inactive since 1990 but now a historic site and Polish museum. There has been an extensive amount of people living there throughout the years. My friends have lived there for some time now as caretakers of sort. Reports of seeing a white robed figure on multiple occasions in various parts of the house. Not to mention the obvious: unexplained noises, lights going on and off, objects out of place when no one else was around to move them and so on.
Check out this interview with Stevie Baka (one of the current groundskeepers): 

The bulk of the work I'm contributing was created there (inside the house, the abandoned school behind and the church itself). My experiences with the ghosts are being told through the work. A homage of sorts.

If people cannot support the show in person, how can they support the artists outside of this one day event? Prints available online/pieces available on a website? Videos and photos of the event? etc.

All of the artists have their respective online stores. Additionally, the work will be made available online day of the show with the option to purchase. Prints and more will be available online shortly after.

Event Links

Updates will be posted via: legerdemain-art.com as well as the Event Page

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