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Harvest Krzysztof Polaczenko Original Painting

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Harvest Original Canvas by Polish surrealist Artist Krzysztof Polaczenko. Own the original work on board. "Harvest" is a fascinating work about fire, the fragility of existence and power of nature, a dreamlike nightmare captured in paint. The illuminated horizon draws the viewer into a multidimensional composition offering limitless interpretations. Simple symbols treat contemporary problems, inner dilemmas and burning emotions. 

  • Beautiful original Artist acrylic painting on canvas
  • Ships directly from Poland in thick protective packaging
  • Free shipping 
  • 106×100 cm size
  • Painted in 2022
  • Acrylic on 6mm MDF board 
Krzysztof Polaczenko, born in 1987 in Świdnica, Poland, is a versatile artist who seamlessly blends various techniques in his works, including acrylic paint, oil paint, and aquarelle colored pencils. Drawing inspiration from keen observations of the world around him, Polaczenko's creations reflect a deep connection to the human experience and the intricacies of existence. Beyond his prowess as a painter, he is also an accomplished writer and multi-instrumentalist musician, further enriching his artistic repertoire.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 23, 2024

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