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The Art of Decomposition: An Interview with Davide Rankore

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Auto combustion art davide rankore

Auto-Combustion (Detail) all images courtesy and copyright via the Artist 

An Interview with Davide Rankore

This month Dark Art & Craft had a chance to speak with skilled Italian illustrator Davide Rankore. Rankore's decomposing humanoid creatures are made with beautifully horrific detail, each subject more terrifyingly mutilated than the last.

Hello Davide, Thank you for taking the time to speak with Dark Art & Craft. Can you tell us a little about yourself & your work? 

I am an illustrator, I love photography and brutal music, and I create homemade masks.

Does your location (Italy) impact your work or style? Are there other Artists/musicians working in your area or does the internet or travel provide you with most connection? 

I come from North-East of Italy. In my area I am in contact with lots of music bands that inspire me in my work. I know quite a lot of artists close to my area that come from environment similar to mine, but they keep a different approach! The internet gives me the possibility to connect with people that have my same passions but live far away!

The evolution of an Artist is always one our readers like to know about. Can you describe a little bit about how you evolved into the creator/Artist that you are today? 

Many members of my family deal with Art: from abstract to print, from photography to handcraft. So I’ve been surrounded by Art all the time in my life.

I’ve been drawing since forever, I remember I started with graffiti and lettering to then give voice to my passion for horror and grim.

pest horror art by davide rankore


What tools/mediums do you use to create Art?

My works are always mixed media (I sometimes use some blood)

You are quite active creating Art for music groups, could you tell us more about your current work for bands?

Above all I get the music to listen to and the lyrics, then according to my idea and to what I feel from the lyrics I start to build something which represents what the band wants to transmit.

How does the occult, Magick, Dark Art, horror or the macabre relate to your work ?

Film horror, serial killers, macabre art and things like that have always been my obsession since I was a child!

no title dark art work from davide rankore

No Title

What does Dark Art mean to you? 

To bring to surface what is deep inside you…even if disgusting. In my opinion dark art is very free and interpretative, every person can have his own personal idea of what is watching

Do you have any Artistic Rituals or frameworks you adhere too?

When I draw I just need inspiration and some good music. As far as it concerns the preparation of some photos with masks, let’s say that I consider it a sort of “secret ritual”…

 sleep paralysis dark art italian artist davide rankore

Sleep Paralysis

What past Artists of any medium have inspired your current output?

H.R.Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Francis Bacon and some abstract artists for the textures and “material” drafting on the colors.

We always ask people for three contemporary Artists you want everyone to check out right now. What are your recommendations to our audience?

Olivier De Sagazan, Paolo Girardi, Blial Cabal

 Where can we find you online?

Only on instagram

davide rankore

The Artist 

New Ethic Design


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