Dark Icons by Artist Jasmine Worth

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jasmine worth dark icon art

Artist Jasmine Worth creates surreal and symbolic icon paintings in a traditional style.

Worth's largely stoic female faces remind one of the early Renaissance fascinations with the iconic Madonna and religious symbology. Some of Worth's latest pieces deal with patriarchal tropes and depictions of women in Art by challenging common sinner or saint dynamics. The artist currently lives and works in San Diego, California creating variations on the icon theme.

Please view more of the artists striking and dark work at jasmineworth.com.

Dark Icon Painting

Jasmine Worth Dark Surrealist Oil Painting on canvas. Image via http://www.bleaq.com/2015/spotlight-19-jasmine-worth.

Dark religous icon painting

"Milk Eyed Maid" by Jasmine Worth Dark Surrealist Oil Painting on canvas. Image via bleaq.com/2015/spotlight-19-jasmine-worth.

Dark skull in hands painting by jasmine worth

Image via bleaq.com/2015/spotlight-19-jasmine-worth.

hecate dethroned art

"Hecate Dethroned" oil on wood. Image via www.lastritesgallery.com/artist/jasmine-worth.

dark icon painting

Image via The Flying Fruit Bowl - WordPress.com.

Blood Mother Painting

Jasmine Worth - Blood Mother.

jasmine worth dark art painting

Midnight, Image via theburningear.com.

dark icon painting

Image via hifructose.com.

icon religous art

Image via Last Rites Gallery.

Blood and tears dark art show

Image via Hi-Fructose Magazine.

Please follow the artist on Instagram @jasmineworth at https://www.instagram.com/jasmineworth/


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