David Glomba - Dark Rituals

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"Journey...Nothingness" 2016 illustration for Kaosophia drawing with use of inks, ink pigments, and blood.

David Glomba is a Slovakian artist and illustrator working in acrylic paint and collage. Glomba mixes his thickly-applied acrylic paint with blood, dirt, ink, and even ashes. His dark subject matter has been employed by artists such as Krolok, Ascension, and Cult of Fire. Visceral and mysterious in nature, these are intriguing creations by a unique artist.

David Glomba painting Shrine of Insanabilis

Artwork by David Glomba, Shrine of Insanabilis - Disciples of the Void (2015). Image via tumblr.com.

cult of fire ascetic meditation of death album cover

Cult of Fire Ascetic Meditation of Death. Image via babylondoomcultrecords.com.

David Glomba Death Karma The History of Death Burial Rituals Painting

Artwork by David Glomba - Death Karma - The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I (2015). Image via deathmentality.tumblr.com.

Untamed & Unchained 2014 (Kraków & Praha)

"Untamed & Unchained" 2013 poster for Untamed & Unchained tour in 2014, featuring Mgła, Svartidauði & One Tail, One Head

david glomba

KAOSOPHIA - Serpenti Vortex. Image via davidglomba.com.

black metal art

David Glomba "Prague Death Mass Vol. II" poster, 2013 Image via facebook.com/davidglomba.

david glomba occult art

"Acerbus" 2015 for Shrine of Insanabilis. Image via facebook.com/davidglomba.

David Glomba Gruesome Dance of Death Painting 2013

Gruesome Dance of Death 2013

dark ink drawing david glomba artist

"Lucifer" 2015 illustration for Shrine of Insanabilis, drawing and collage with use of inks. Image via facebook.com/davidglomba.

unlocking tiamat painting

"Unlocking Tiamat" 2014 for Ascension, drawing/painting with use of inks, ink pigments, and acrylics.

macabe skull art david glomba

"Death Karma" David Glomba 2014

Find more of David's work at davidglomba.com and on Instagram @davidglomba.


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