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Paul Fryer Dark Morning Star

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dark art demon angel art

Lucifer, Morning Star installation - The Holy Trinity church in Marylebone, Westminster 2008, Image via https://www.theforestmagazine.com/2014/01/heaven-and-hell-paul-fryer/

"The symbols and iconography belong to me as much as anyone else. They are mine to do with as I see fit."

Paul Fryer's striking Art pieces engage an array of occult and religious symbology with modern scientific revelations.The Artist's most successful works focus on morality, discord, science and religion and just how we interact with these rather vast conflicted topics. Ever striking as they are modern - Fryer's installations create an immediate strong visual reaction. His famously documented Morning Star installation in The former Holy Trinity Church depicts a debilitated Lucifer struggling and caught within telegraph wires. The relationship of the wax sculpture to the ornate church setting (and its foremost adversary) is enthralling. His Pieta series directly challenges the viewer to see the Christian symbol of suffering and atonement executed in a electric chair. Fryer has the ability to challenge us with intertwining symbols that evoke not only deep thought but visceral emotion.

Below we have featured some of our favorite works by the Artist.

dark angel in wires art

Morning Star - The Holy Trinity church in Marylebone, Westminster 2008

dark occult art in church

Installation back view of Morning Star

dark art chirst

"Blue Pieta" 2009 - From the Artists series based on The Pieta, In France the works created outcry for their blasphemous portrayal of the Christian "Christ" figure. Photo by Tessa Angus

dark art Christ in electric chair

"Blue Pieta" The work combines Fryer's portrayal of religious figures and our current perception of the subject matter. Photo by Tessa Angus

dark chirst figure

Image via https://beautifulbizarre.net/2014/03/27/religion-stars-work-paul-fryer/

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dark art modern occult

Pieta, a Porter, Photo by Tessa Angus

dark cross monkey

A Privilege of Dominion, 2009

Metatron, 2009

Time We Left This World Today, 2008 - Maple veneer over plywood, strobe lights, wiring. Photo Tessa Angus

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