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A Look in the Dark: Exploring the Haunted History of Three UK Castles

Posted by Stephanie Crumley on

The UK has always been on my must-visit list. Growing up in Southern California the notion of “historic” came from the white colonized perspective, meaning buildings created in the nineteenth century.  The prospect of seeing towering fabricated behemoths that have seen anywhere from a thousand to several hundred years standing prominently amongst the contemporary cityscape was something I could barely conceive. I often travel to see the originating locations of urban lore and legends. I'm sure a lot of you reading this can relate to it, it's definitely in our niche. "Our," being the target audience of dark art lovers...

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Gustave Doré, The Dark Divine Comedy

Posted by J Meyers on

A prolific and extremely talented wood and steel engraver, illustrator, and sculptor Gustave Doré created macabre Visions. Angels, demons, historical drama and human tragedy filled his detailed etchings. The Paradise Lost illustrations and Dante's Divine Comedy have become so praised that many have become macabre popular culture items in their own right. 

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