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From One Ethos to the Next and the Box Fish Inspiration in Between: an Interview with Dark Surrealist Brad Gray

Posted by Stephanie Crumley on

Here We Go Round The Pentagram English Artist Brad Gray creates a world of haunting and horrifying narratives dripping in satire and symbolism to provoke the audience to explore the deeper, darker themes of human existence. Found online operating under the moniker of Drabnail, his work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica as a part of the Dark Art Society Group show curated by Chet Zar, Wowxwow's Microvisions 2 show exhibiting online, and "Within the Garden of Earthly Delights" at Outre Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. His incredible techniques harken back to the masters of yesteryear,...

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The Dark Surrealism of Stephen Kasner

Posted by Justin Meyers on

Stephen Kasner is a Cleveland based Artist known for creating ominous yet hauntingly beautiful paintings. Kasner has created a dark visual language to define his atmosphere and subjects - guiding the viewer ever deeper into his work. Birds, snakes, and masks frequent the artist's focus, which seems to lurk under the surface of each work.

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