The Dark Surrealism of Stephen Kasner

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dark art from stephen kasner cleveland

Subarachnoid Space - Eight Bells by Stephen Kasner, image via

Stephen Kasner is a Cleveland based Artist known for creating ominous yet hauntingly beautiful paintings. Kasner has created a dark visual language to define his atmosphere and subjects - guiding the viewer ever deeper into his work.

Kasner uses organic and darkened textures in a dreamlike haze of paint to evoke this atmosphere. Birds, snakes, and masks frequent the artist's focus, which seems to lurk under the surface of each painting.

Kasner's main mediums include paint, photography, drawing, as well as music under the name Blood Fountains along with David Beaver, Daniel Koja, Yoshiko Ohara, Cheryl Pyle, Madeleine Lila Jaine, and Rebecca Kasner. Kasner is also an accomplished album artist who has worked with Khlyst, Sunn O))), Integrity, Lotus Eaters, and others. We have chosen some of our favorite works below. 

Unless noted images from Artist or

stephen kasner snake art

Justin Broadrick/Final - Dead Air by Stephen Kasner, image via

blood fountains stephen kasner artwork painting

Blood Fountains - Floods by Stephen Kasner

dark spiral painting stephen kasner

Album cover art stephen kasner

Album artwork by Stephen Kasner

American Heritage painting

Artwork by Stephen Kasner American Heritage - Sedentary (2011) Sludge/Progressive Metal

blood mirror painting stephen kasner

Blood Mirror 

Wurmwulv I Oil

Wurmwulv I Oil, mixed media on paper 

stephen kasner painting new work

Irons Artwork

Irons I Mixed media on photograph on paper

heaven sore kasner

stephen kasner artist

Photo of Stephen Kasner

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