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The Haunting Art of Kim Myatt

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Matt Kim Dark Artwork

Kim Myatt is a Nottingham, U.K.-based Artist and painter who creates haunting yet beautiful imagery. Myatt's painting hints at death, nightmares, and psychological distress among other dark topics. Rather than presenting the obvious visual tropes of gore and blood, Myatt uses the subtle yet haunting unknown to inspired her work.

More of Kim Myatt's work can be found here at ysvyri.deviantart.com and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/ysvyri

I waited Dark Art Painting

 I Waited. Image via alfalfastudio.com

Hidden Things Art

Hidden Things. Image via alfalfastudio.com.

Nokken Demon art

Nokken. Image via ysvyri.deviantart.com/art/Nokken-643590531.

Dark Lotus Painting

Lotus. Image via alfalfastudio.com.

Mire Painting Dark Artwork

Mire. Image via alfalfastudio.com/exploring-the-creative-horror-by-kim-myatt.

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 Dark Oil Painting

Strix Nebulosa. Image via ysvyri.deviantart.com.

Dark Evil painting


Dark Woman Painting Skull

darkartandcraft Admin


  • So glad I found this art. Incredible.

    William on

  • Amazing work! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Please come stop by my blog and website at https://www.WritingBeautifully.com, and check out my Literary Art, Blogs, Reviews, Poetry, and Short Stories.

    Lesley M Patterson on

  • greetings,
    Eerily appealing!…Luvin’ it!…

    daniel schwendinger on

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