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The Mixed Mediums of Dave McKean

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Dave McKean is an English illustrator, photographer, comic book Artist and graphic designer among other things. His eclectic work incorporates drawing, painting, photography, collage, found objects and digital art. McKean is truly a mixed media artist and one of the first to embrace digital technologies in such an open fashion. In the 80s McKean met author Neil Gaiman with whom he began a partnership that would produce much creative work.

Teaming up with authors, playwrights and filmmakers McKean has had the chance to create a spectacularly varied body of work.

The mixture of Art mediums makes Mckean's work recognizable and at times even frightening in its theme and execution.


sandman comic art dave mckean

Image via Bloody Disgusting

surrealism dark creepy art

Image via artranked.com

McKean is also known for his superb comic art such as; Arkham Asylum written by Scottish author/playwright Grant Morrison (the most successful graphic novel ever published) and the award-winning Sandman series (Also written by Neil Gaiman)

death horse dave mckean artist

Image via b00ksandbits.files.wordpress.com

limited cover art dave mckean artist

Image via scotteder.com Original work is currently available at link


dark surrealism illustration comic

 Mckean has produced much album artwork over the years and his style seems to fit well with the heavier genres. Some of McKean's clients; Paradise Lost, Machine Head, Life of Agony, Kreator, Testament and Dream Theater.

dream theater dave mckean artist


dark batman art comic dark surrealism

Image via cafart.r.worldssl.net

dave mckean art photos

Image via http://teethandspirals.com

black dog dave mckean artist

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Image via pastemagazine.com

dave mckean photo

You can find more about Dave McKean and his art on his website http://www.davemckean.com/ and on his personal Twitter https://twitter.com/davemckean. An interview with the Artist http://www.bookslut.com/features/2010_10_016702.php

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