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William Blake The Ancient of Days

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Elohim creating Adam

Detail Elohim creating Adam 1795 Tate public domain image 3936122202.

William Blake was an English poet, Artist, and printmaker now known as a major figure of the Romantic age. During his life many of Blake's peers considered him mad, yet his creative often mythical Art was truly prophetic.

Rejecting most political and religious beliefs of his time Blake's artistic creations are uniquely expressive. Featuring spiritual and esoteric symbolism Blake created a rich world of watercolor, drawings and illustrations. We have chosen some of our favorite visual work by William Blake and accompanying art resources.

The Ancient of Days William Blake

The Ancient of Days, 1794, William Blake. The work originally published in 1794 as Europe a Prophecy shows Urizen stretching out a compass above the black void below. Image via wikepedia [[US-PD]] more information regarding the piece can be found on wikiart. There are at least thirteen known copies of the The Ancient of Days and each are hand colored by Blake.

The Lovers Whirlwind William Blake

The Lovers Whirlwind, William Blake, Pen and ink and watercolour, 1824 - 1827 [[US-PD]] Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham. The scene is from Dante's Divine Comedy, Hell, Canto V, 37-138.

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William Blake satanic esoteric art

The Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun , 1803 - 1805, William Blake. [[US-PD]] Brooklyn Museum, New York City, NY, US. Black ink and watercolor over traces of graphite and incised lines on wove paper. The Artist's subject matter is drawn from the book of Revelation (Rev. 12: 1-4).

The Great Red Dragon William Blake Art Poster

" The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun" watercolor between 1805 and 1810. Rosenwald Collection NGA CC0 open source image 1943.3.8999. Adjusted and color corrected framed The Great Dragon print on Dark Art & Craft.

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