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Dark Art & Craft: Manuscript of Death Interview

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Hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, Manuscript of Death is a dark illustrator renowned for his haunting artwork. His distinctive style has earned him international recognition, particularly in the metal scene, where he has collaborated with bands like Frozen Soul, Mammoth Grinder and contributed to events such as Total Death Over Mexico Fest. 

Please note this interview was translated from Indonesian to English


Where did you start creating Art and is there a Dark Art community in your area?

Hello, let me introduce myself, Julda Nizwara, an illustrator from Bandung, Indonesia, born in 1994. Bandung is a city that gives birth to young artists and talented illustrators. Focusing on becoming an illustrator, in 2017 I began to pursue becoming an artist using the traditional pen-on-paper drawing technique, including illustrations I made in identical black and white.

Starting a new concept of creating illustrations or works with themes of occultism, medieval, Punishment, Mysticism, and judgment.

The name "Manuscript of Death" is taken from an ancient handwritten Christian Bible. There are many dark art communities in Indonesia, one of which is this community ‘Penah Hitam Art’, which gives birth to talented young artists in Indonesia and many other communities.

The metamorphosis of an Artist is a captivating narrative. How would you narrate your evolution into the Artist we see today?

Seeing the Metamorphosis, Artists have to be very creative, productive and innovate a lot, not only about creating a work, they also respond to works in any media to add artistry when creating the work.


INFERNOH Print by Manuscript of Death

Within the realm of artistic creation, what tools do you wield to conjure your work?

The tools that I often use to create an illustration or drawing in Ataranta: pencil, drawing pen. Chinese ink, and sketchbooks are mostly A3, A3+, with a paper weight of 210g. 180gr.

It's not just about the tools that I use, but I also need references, ideas, to create and conjure up a good and crazy work.

The arcane, the mystical, the macabre—how do these elements weave into the fabric of your creations, if at all?

Taking ideas or concepts based on ancient mythology related to culture or history, for example the incarnation of mystical animals, magic or books written by the gods.

Like the concept illustration that I made, it was taken from the incarnation of a human or mystical animal, such as a leak form originating from Bali, Indonesia.

Leak is a Balinese mythological creature that has the ability to change shape into certain animals or objects. Usually, Leak is depicted as a beautiful but scary female figure with long hair and red eyes. She has a scary shape with big eyes, fang teeth with a tall stature, and is big and hairy, with a long sticking out tongue. According to stories circulating in the community, Leak is an incarnated creature who studies black magic, and to strengthen his knowledge he must seek sacrifice.


The Sword Final Vengeance Print on Manuscript of Death Dark Art & Craft 

Define the essence of Dark Art from your perspective. Past masters have cast long shadows on the path of artistic inspiration. Whose spectral influence is shown in your current artistic expressions?

The masters who influenced my illustration and drawing techniques in the artistic world include: Gustave Dore, Vladislav Erko, Aubrey Beardsley, Harry Clarke, Roman Sustov, Albín Brunovský, Ken Terror, Arian13, MFAXII, Bharatdanu, Eyedust, and many more.

As we navigate the dim corridors of contemporary art, could you spotlight three artists whose work beckons the attention of our audience?

Three artists include: Robin Harris (Mysticbarbarism), Eric Wolfe sahlten, Gravebastard.



What is sage advice for Artists today creating in the darker themes? Do you feel the need for community in the Dark Arts?

Remain the black side of your soul and support each others Art.

Of course! Because of the importance of community in a dark arts environment, artists exchange ideas and connect to establish good relationships between dark arts activists.




@ Dark Art & Craft, print collector and Graphic Artist from Ohio, US.



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