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Work Hardened, The Art of Paul Romano

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mastodon artwork cover art

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Romano's work often consists of vivid colors, mythical beasts, and crisp typography. His work is unique among modern album Artists as it is almost entirely created on canvas by hand (At times including mixed media). This traditional art process is done with a craftsman's keen eye.

Romano's Art for the heavy metal, rock, and death metal communities has been well received and brought his distinct Art to a much larger audience. His depiction of a white whale or 'leviathan' thrashing about in a blue-colored sea has rightly become an iconic album cover for the band Mastodon. This work displays a brightly colored narrative Art style that complements the music. The Artist has also produced work for Trivium, Hate Eternal, Godflesh, and multiple clients of Relapse Records. These paintings and designs are each reflective of the album they grace giving a sense of story and "epicness" to the Artwork. Romano creates these paintings and then layers on visual elements and detail, such as beautiful gold outlining, found on many of the recent Mastodon album covers.

A mixing of vibrant color, narrative themes and a fascination with dark elements make Romano's Art truly unique. Below is a small selection of Romanos vast collection of works.


Summon in Thunder Hisma Art

Summon in Thunder Himsa

 blood mountain artwork print

Blood Mountain Artwork created for Mastodon, image via https://riotfest.org


Storm Oracle (Migraine)

Storm Oracle (Migraine) charcoal and ink 


Crack the Skye Artwork mastodon

Image via https://riotfest.org Crack the Skye

 Consequences We Have Paid

Consequences We Have Paid, image via paulromanoworks.com

 paul ramano artwork

dalek hip hop dark art paul romano

dälek Gutter Tactics Paul Romano Mixed Media

The Tower

The Tower charcoal and ink

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Remission  Mastodon



Grief Relic withered artwork paul romano

Grief Relic Withered


List of the Artists published work 


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