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Pittsburgh/Allentown Night Market X Dark Art & Craft

Posted by Justin Meyers on

pittsburgh dark art event

Allentown Fall Night Market

Saturday, September 28th at 7 PM – 11 PM 

Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood's bi-annual Night Market that features 3 unique indoor/outdoor markets, live performances, food and beverage vendors in the 800 block of Warrington Ave.

Participating neighborhood businesses:

  • The Weeping Glass
  • Onion Maiden
  • Black Forge Coffee House
  • Skull Records
  • Dr. Tumblety's Apothecary
  • Black YO)))GA
  • Dark Root
  • Warrington Beer
  • Salon Ivy
  • Paisano's Pizza
  • Leon's Carribean
  • Hilltop Tavern

The Weeping Glass Featured Artist Market Includes:

  • Purevile from New York
  • ElectraRelics from Florida
  • Dylan Garrett Smith from Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Jessi Hardesty from Maryland
  • Dark Art & Craft

Justin Meyers

@ Dark Art & Craft, print collector and Artist from Cleveland.


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