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Abandoned Places: the Art of Lost Spaces

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Treasure Island, San Francisco, United States

Joseph Barrientos

There is something mysterious, beautiful even haunting about abandoned places. Spaces and structures that once had use but now feel the cold glare of time. While, growing up in the American mid-west vast expanses of industrial and residential developments gave way to a now almost post-apocalyptic scene captured by talented photographers. The decay has hit an accelerated pace as massive global population, boom-and-bust industry and changing demands have discarded these once growing worlds. A documentation of this transformation has yielded a rich harvest of non-traditional imagery (perfect as dark inspiration). 

Abandoned places photography and post-apocalyptic photography are two distinct but related genres of art that focus on capturing the beauty and mystery of abandoned or dilapidated buildings, structures, and landscapes. These types of photographs often evoke a sense of mystery, isolation, and decay, and can be both haunting and captivating to viewers.

One of the key features of abandoned places photography is the sense of abandonment and neglect that is conveyed through the images. These photographs often depict abandoned buildings, factories, schools, and other structures that have been left to deteriorate over time. The sense of decay and neglect that is captured in these photographs can be evocative and poignant, and can speak to the passage of time and the impermanence of all things. 

Post-apocalyptic photography is a subgenre of abandoned places photography that focuses on depicting the aftermath of some sort of catastrophic event, such as a nuclear war or natural disaster. These photographs often feature desolate landscapes and abandoned buildings, and are meant to evoke a sense of loss and despair. They often have a dystopian or post-apocalyptic theme, and may include elements such as radiation symbols, collapsed buildings, and other signs of destruction and decay.

Overall, abandoned places photography and post-apocalyptic photography are powerful and evocative forms of art that can capture the beauty and mystery of abandoned and derelict spaces. They often speak to themes of loss, decay, and the impermanence of all things, and can be both haunting and captivating to viewers.

abandoned to desert

jean wimmerlin

Jamison Riley

broken greenhouse

JF Martin

empty places

Peter Herrmann

empty church russia

Vera Gorbunova Russia

Deividas Toleikis https://unsplash.com/photos/hSrztNnyhtk Greenbank Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Jakub Pabis

sci fi concept photo

Buzludzha, Bulgaria Natalya Letunova Unsplash

Forgotten tower

Matt Emmett Cooling Tower from his book Forgotten Heritage image via https://mymodernmet.com/matt-emmett-abandoned-places-photos/ you can also find more of Matt's images on his IG

Presidio Modelo abandoned

Presidio Modelo Cuba model Panopticon prison design

Peter Herrmann

Hieu Vu Minh

dark photography

Tom Barrett

church empty


Nick Fewings


Daniel Lincoln https://unsplash.com/photos/23fk429Ayok

seph lawless

https://sephlawless.com/ Amazing photographer with many American Midwestern locations

crashed empty plane

Ryan Richards https://unsplash.com/photos/sPPAk3jSMEY

abandoned factory flooded

Bordeaux, France Lucas Barrère

abandoned railroad

La Petite Ceinture, Paris, France Florian Olivo Unsplash


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