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Dark Artist Spotlight: Daniël van Nes

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dark art van nes

Dutch multidisciplinary artist Daniël van Nes creates with video, installation art, and engraving among other mediums. His works involve industrial settings and complex engravings often times illuminated to achieve a unique 'machine noir' style. van Nes reflects on social and technological developments and how reality and identity play within these. His Selifable City project takes form in many materials and features dark lonely creatures in a world of their own. 


Illuminated engraving installation "DOMINO DOMINION" via

dark machine Art

“Sellfable City is a ‘Machine Noir’ world, that thrives on the energy of its inhabitants. Like an ink stain, it slowly creeps into our world. Eating our data. Feeding on life and emotions.”

The ‘SellFable City ‘Circuit Circus’ exhibition at TETEM, Enschede (NL), an immersive virtual reality landscape. Image via Photo’s by Tessa van Raalte & Christina Bakuchava 

Circuit Circus

dark art sketch

‘Valu’ Pencil on black paper. Size: 297x420mm

 ‘Valu’ Pencil on black paper image via

dark art show in russia installation art

10x10x4 meter installation at Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg "Nothing Personal" Image via

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 Queen of Sanity is an illuminated engraving, presented under a glass dome.

Queen of Sanity is an illuminated engraving, presented under a glass dome

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Find more about van Nes here and on facebook

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