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The Dark Acrylics of Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

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Russian Artist Castle

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich: Castle of the Sea, Acrylic on Paper. Image via Shutterstock.

Russian artist Yaroslav Gerzhedovich's paintings are classically dark often monochrome and surreal creations. Featuring barren fields, ancient structures, and fantastical compositions Gerzhedovich's paintings transfix the viewer. The haunting imagery is created on paper with acrylic, pencil, ink, and occasional digital manipulation. Inspired by the European masters from the 14th through 17th centuries, Gerzhedovich's work reads like a detailed and dark surreal dreamworld.

dream art

Dream by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich 2001 Image via Pinterest.


dark painting russian artist

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich Happy Place. Image via Flickr.

russian theater art painting

Drive-In Theater Yaroslav Gerzhedovich. Image via Pinterest.

dream painting

Where Dreams Burn. Image via windsandstones.tumblr.com.

bridge of souls

Image via nevsepic.com.ua.

gothic forest painting art

Image via pinterest.com.

sea queen and sailor

Sea Queen and Sailor. Image via nevsepic.com.ua. 

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich The Throne. Image via Pinterest.

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dark art painting russian art

Image via nevsepic.com.ua.

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich painting

Image via nevsepic.com.ua.

drawing gothic arch

Fantasy Gothic Arch. Yaroslav Gerzhedovich.

Learn More about Yaroslav Gerzhedovich at facebook.com/yaroslav.gerzhedovich and emptykingdom.com/featured/yaroslav-gerzhedovich.

darkartandcraft Admin


  • Phenomenal!🖤🖤🖤

    Anthony P Palladini on

  • Behance or Flickr may be the best to contact the Artist directly, we would love to do prints in the future https://www.flickr.com/photos/39386717@N07/

    Dark Art on

  • Where can I get prints, especially castle of the sea, its amazing!

    Anthony Irvine on

  • Exceptional work Yaro, greetings from the States ☠

    Christopher Newman on

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