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Dark Stories by So PineNut

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So PineNut is the name of an elusive Japanese Artist and illustrator residing in Tokyo.

His extremely detailed graphite illustrations are based on stories ("The call of life-A dark story about Eden") and have a detached yet organic nature to them. The re-imagining of these fabled stories includes mutilation, human sacrifice, and cannibalism in grotesque fashion. The intense topics aside, So PineNut creates beautifully rendered graphite work that captivates the viewer, drawing you deeper into the illustration.

so pinenut illustration

Noah's Boat Genesis by So Pinenut, image via


So Pinenut, image via Illusion Magazine

suicide dark art

So Pinenut, image via Inspiration Grid

dark goat

So Pinenut, Image via

ceep art

So Pinenut, Image via

let there be light
Image via

dark graphite artist

Babel`s Masters Genesis of CrazyCity, Image via

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So Pinenut, image via

So Pinenut, image via


The call of life-A dark story about Eden, So Pinenut, image via

View more of the Artists work here at

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