Santiago Caruso, Dark Symbolist

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santiago caruso dark artist

The Malefice, Album art for Pentagram Chile. Image via

Santiago Caruso is a dark symbolist artist with an attraction to the surreal and macabre. Born in 1982, in Quilmes, Argentina Caruso's avant-garde concepts are rooted in decadentism and dark symbolism. Caruso's techniques range from tempera and ink on paper to scratched mixed media pieces on cardboard. Working on book illustrations and music albums Caruso's art often has a highly narrative approach that makes viewing it an almost investigative process.

wunderkammer santiago caruso dark art


throne painting

Throne of Chaos. Image via

pans labyrinth

Image via

dark painting

El Ocaso de los Dioses.


nightmare painting


hiroshima painting

The Smile of Hiroshima

king in yellow

From THE KING IN YELLOW, illustrated by Santiago Caruso. Image via

the lamb santiago caruso

The Lamb Image via

inner prophetess

Inner Prophetess. Image via

dark painting

Cry the Black Away




painting of the grimm reaper

Grim Reaper Santiago Caruso

sabbath painting

Black Sabbath

Find out more about the Artist at and on Facebook. An interview with the artist is available at


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