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The Dark Symbolic Landscapes of Ferdinand Keller

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classical dark landscape

A Classical Landscape Oil on canvas, image via

Ferdinand Keller (1842 – 1922) was a German history painter concerned with genre and symbolism. His work is richly textured, atmospheric, and at times masterfully dark. His ode to Swiss symbolist Böcklin "Le Tombeau de Bocklin" shown below is subtle, yet haunting. Many of Kellers known works shadow Böcklin's somber and beautiful color pallet. For a short time, Keller lived in Rome, where he made the acquaintance of Anselm Feuerbach and maintained a joint studio with the Artist. Below are some of our favorite works by Keller.

Böcklin tomb painting

"Le Tombeau de Bocklin" Ferdinand Keller, image via

Neptune's Shrine by Ferdinand Keller, image via

V. Ferdinand Keller, Nymphe an der Quelle, image via Flickr

Lady Absinth, oil on canvas, 1901

Lady Absinth, oil on canvas, 1901.

Image via

the pool dark painting oil

The Pool, image via Magnolia Box

Arnold Böcklin - Isle of The Dead; an inspiration for Keller and other German landscape and symbolist Artists. Die Toteninsel, image via Wikipedia


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